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Our farm 

The beautifully renovated farmhouse, built at the end of 1800, is the center of our dairy farm. With more than 80 hectares of meadows surrounded by forests and 100 dairy cattle, this is the ideal opportunity for us, Ton and Ingrid van Leeuwen, to introduce you to farm life in a rural and relaxed atmosphere. Bring in the cows yourself when it's milking time, give a bottle to a calf, or just enjoy the view. Much is possible, everything without obligation.

 The city of Mons

The pleasant student city of Mons, capital of the province of Hainaut, is 5 km from our farm and offers a lot of culture, folklore and gastronomy.

For example, visit the Grand Place with its many terraces and don't forget to say 'Hi' mascot of Mons, the monkey which brings luck when you touch its head. Both the authentic city center with its nice boutiques and the new shopping center Les Grands Près are worthwhile if you want to stroll around and do some shopping.

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Hainaut is a very beautiful green province for cycling or walking. The 330 km long cycling and walking route 'RAVeL 1', going straight through Wallonia, passes our farm at less than 3 km. Bicycles can be rented at La Maison des Cyclistes in Mons. 

The 'terrils', the old coal mountains, are key elements of the Walloon landscape. After an hour climbing to the top, you have a beautiful view of the area. Are you a little less sporty? Then walk from our farm through the meadow to the Parc van Jemappes and enjoy a nice Belgian beer there.

Day trips...

There is much to experience in Mons and the surrounding area. For example, go for a stroll through the Grand Hornu. This mining complex shows the workers' houses from the time of the mining industry.
Be amazed by the impressive height of the hydraulic
boat lifts at Strépy-Thieu

                   And discover all the wonders of this world in the most beautiful zoo in Europe: Pairi Daiza.

Would you rather spend a pleasant day at the market? Try out the 'Italian' Monday morning market in Quaregnon or the flower market on Friday and Sunday morning in Mons.

Ferme de la Blanche Fontaine 

30 Rue du Petit Marais

7011 Ghlin  (Mons)




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